Company Registration
limited, public, holding,
partnership, branch

Company Address
registered address,
virtual office

What is Copyright

Copyright Protection
logo, designs, text, music, software, website, video

Trademark Protection
names, logos, slogans

Business Advisory
business plan, investment proposal, feasibility study

Sales & Procurement
sales & promotion, purchasing, marketing

Accounting & Taxes
bookkeeping, reporting,
tax compliance, payroll

Startup Add-Ons
bank account, VAT registration, administrative support

Industrial Design
labels, product design, packaging, product parts

Trade Secrets
know-how, strategy, method, formula

Real Estate Advisory
RE search, RE investment advisory

Professional Design
office interiors, logos, websites, 3D modelling

Are you willing to register your trademark and promote your product in Europe or the CIS market?
Are you willing to set up a firm, buy or lease a real estate for your business or personal needs in Europe and CIS?
Do you want a professional to write a business plan, franchise documentation, and make financial projections for your new business?
Are you looking for certain products, materials or supplies in Europe or CIS?
Do you need a professional designer to create interior design for your office or company logo?

We are here to help you successfully achieve your goals in Europe and the CIS.


Our most popular product – Smart & Easy Copyright Protection Pack
international protection, covers 171 countries

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Copyright Registration

Other Intellectual Property Protection Packages – by types of protection
in selected European and CIS countries


Readymade Intellectual Property Protection Packages – by types of intellectual property
in selected European and CIS countries

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Set up your limited company with our Limited Company Formation Packages
in various European and CIS countries and a special offer for the Czech Republic

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Annual Company Services in Europe and CIS – selected countries

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Who We Are

SAIPAL Synergy is a business service provider dedicated to high quality professional services
to companies and individuals in setting up, organizing and promoting their businesses, brands and products,
searching for the business partners, real property, equipment and goods,
while enjoying full-service business advisory and administrative support in Europe and the CIS.

Thanks to our established network of partners and agents across the EU and CIS,
we deliver our services professionally, at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time.
With 10+ year experience of our local experts, you may rest assured that your special inquiries
will be handled carefully with due expertise and maximum efficiency.

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