Our services are broken into three main business streams, each having five different services. You can choose one service, a mix of services or a ready-made service package, which you may find on our Prices page – whichever works best for you or your business. Prices for some of the services are included in the respective services pages, but you can always refer to the Prices section to get full details of options, pricing and pricing policy, such as VAT free fees.

Company Registration
(limited company, public company, private entrepreneur, holding, partnership, branch, representation)

Company Address Service
(registered office address, virtual office)

Accounting & Taxation
(bookkeeping, reporting, tax compliance, payroll, etc.)

Start-Up Add-Ons
(bank accounts, VAT registration, administrative support, etc.)

Franchise Start-Up & Development
(strategy, business model, financial model, franchise agreement, operations manual)

What is Copyright

Copyright Protection
(logo, various designs, article, periodical, software, website, music, video, etc.)

Trademark Protection
(names, logos, slogans)

Industrial Design Protection
(labels, product design, packaging, product parts, set of products, etc.)

Trade Secrets Protection
(know-how, strategy, method, manufacturing process, formula, database, etc.)

Intellectual Property Management
(IP audit, protection strategy, commercialisation, assignment, license, recordation)

Business & Financial Advisory
(business plan, project feasibility study, investment proposal, budgeting, cost analysis, etc.)

Sales & Procurement
(sales & promotion, purchasing, marketing, export & import trade, business matchmaking, etc.)

Real Estate Advisory
(real estate search, real estate investment advisory)

Professional Design
(office design: interiors, exteriors, landscapes; logos, websites, 3D product modelling)

Business Support Add-Ons
(IP audit, protection strategy, commercialisation, assignment, license, recordation, IP monitoring)