Our internationally experienced team of creative designers provides a full range of professional design services, including (but not limited to):

  • Architectural design with high photorealistic 3D visualisation – interiors, exteriors, landscapes:
    • Commercial property (offices, office buildings, etc.)
    • Residential property (homes, apartments, etc.)
  • Intellectual property design:
    • 3D modelling of logo, product, device, invention, utility model and packaging
    • 2D modelling of logo, label, product, device, invention, utility model, packaging, etc.
    • Advertising design (brochures, flyers, banners, etc.)
    • Website design, webpage design
    • Software interface and packaging design
    • Corporate brand book: logo guide, color scheme, font guide, company template design (letterheads, business cards, presentations, etc.), web guidelines
    • Design of certificates, diplomas, etc.

Our basic principle lies in creative approach to problem solving, high level of service and individual approach to every client. We appreciate and love our customers for every opportunity of realisation of creative and innovative ideas and are confident that by contacting us you make the right choice.

It should be noted that once the intellectual property has been designed (i.e. created) it is important to protect against third party infringements. For instance, your company logo may be registered as a trademark or a copyright, a product design may be registered as a 3D mark and a website – as industrial design. There are other options and combinations legally acceptable. Check our readily available intellectual property protection packages to see the variety of options. Secure intellectual property protection for the design of logo, product, packaging or other corporate identity items will certainly add a significant value to your brand and corporate image.

For free quotation on professional design services please send us your enquiry indicating relevant details.