Just like a tangible asset on a balance sheet of a company, intellectual property is valuable asset for any business. Although intangible by nature, your intellectual property may bring you as much value as any material property and even more, when you consider all possible legal actions that you may perform with it. These include, but not limit to:

  • Buying and selling
  • Transfer and assignment (followed by recordation)
  • Commercialization and monetization
  • Capitalization
  • Licensing and franchising
  • Value appraisal
  • Pledge as security in exchange for loans or other assets
  • Contribution as a share into capital

In fact, intellectual property may bring much more benefits for any company than a tangible asset if protected prudently and used properly.

With our extensive IP management expertise we:

  • Perform thorough IP audit of your business or project
  • Identify weaknesses and threats
  • Classify your intellectual property by objects, types, IP classes, etc.
  • Develop strong long-term IP protection and management strategy

With proper IP strategy and its implementation you may rest assured that your intellectual property will be protected and will protect your business to the highest degree, while bringing maximum economic benefit for your business.

We will be happy to develop a customized IP protection and management strategy for your business and assist with the above listed IP management services at your request.

In addition, our IP monitoring service is an effective instrument to prevent from potential infringement of your trademarks, designs and other intellectual property. If you need this service and would like to know our price, please send us your request.