To make things easier for our clients we came up with a unique IP solution, which represents flexible range of services broken down to special packages according to items of intellectual property. Our IP protection solution is divided into three packages:

  • Brand Protection Package
  • Product Protection Package
  • Website Protection Package

Each of these packages is divided into five distinct protection plans to suit the needs of broad range of our customers – from individual authors to large corporations. This solution will certainly not cover the needs of all the variety of customers or even types of companies, authors, products or projects, as each case is always unique. But it will certainly save a lot of time for those, who attempt to develop their own IP protection strategy.

In this section the packages are represented as a short summary for your convenience. For full details and description of each package please follow the link under each package or refer to the Readymade IP Protection Packages – by IP objects page.

How to read the tables below: choose suitable ‘protection plan’ to protect your brand, product or website in the most effective way. For instance:

  1. you may want to protect your brand only as a word (typically consisting of one or two words), and for that you can select the ‘Standard Brand’ protection plan, by which the name of your brand will be registered as a wordmark; the price will depend on the country or region selected; e.g.:
    • EUR 775 for registration in the Czech Republic or
    • EUR 1 599 for registration in the European Union (single registration with validity in all 28 EU states)
  2. whereas if you want to protect your brand only as a logo (representing only a graphical image or a combination of an image + letters), it is sufficient to select the ‘Soft Brand’ protection plan, which entails international copyright protection as an artistic work, for an attractive price with validity in all 169 countries of the Berne Convention on copyright protection:
    • EUR 189 (single registration with validity in all 169 countries of the Berne Convention)
  3. should you need stronger protection for your brand, you may want to choose the ‘Optimal Brand’ or ‘Strong Brand’ plan, by which your brand (name and logo separately) will be registered as both trademark and copyright; and to give even more strength to your brand protection you may add your slogan to the brand registration under the ‘Premium Brand’ plan; for each of these plans price will vary subject to the country or region selected.

Same logic applies to Product and Website protection plans in the tables below.

Alternatively, you can always send us your special request with all relevant details and we will offer you a tailored solution adapted to your needs.