We help our clients in building strong franchise by developing tailored franchise system equipped with a set of business and legal documents, models and tools essential for starting and developing a franchise. We have developed three franchise packages: Basic Franchise, Standard Franchise and Advanced Franchise.

Basic Franchise Package

  • Financial model (financial scheme, financial projections)
  • Business model (business scheme, business structure)

Standard Franchise Package includes:

  • Basic Franchise Package
  • Franchise agreement
  • Operations manual (comprehensive guide for franchisees)

Advanced Franchise Package includes:

  • Standard Franchise Package
  • Presentation for franchisees
  • Franchise step-by-step take-off plan
  • Franchise operation forms
  • Franchisee report forms to track sales and royalties

Please check the prices for our franchising services in our Business Support Add-Ons schedule of fees. Feel free to send us your request for individual combination of franchising services. We will be happy to offer you a personalized solution.

Since franchising in itself is of licensing nature, it is vital for the franchisor to make sure that the franchise trademark and other franchise identity (logos, labels, product designs, formulas, document templates, trade secrets, etc.) are protected before the licensing to the franchisee takes place. At your request, we will handle all issues pertaining to protection of the franchisor’s intellectual property. Please see our special and standard offers in the Intellectual Property Services section.